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aziendaSedoff from 1988 has been representing a solid entrepreneurial reality perfectly integrated in the Venetian productive sector.

Into a long-life strategy of develop, starting from June 2011 Sedoff's trademark has become property of the family company Talin spa.

The Firm is fitted with avant-garde equipments, managed by a highly qualified Staff, and the products are finished off according to the most refined handicraft tenets. 

The Models are designed in collaboration with famous Designers and elaborated by the internal technical department: a range of models able to satisfy the various and modern requirements in terms of functionality style and comfort. The functional solutions are proposed in a wide range of forms, colours and flame-retardant fabrics, in observance of the strict international norms, the prestigious executive collections in pure leather, are finished by hand. 

Sedoff is today at the service of an italian, european and world clientele, and has always invested in solutions aimed to obtain the maximum ergonomic result. For this reason, the movements installed on Sedoff's seats give all opportunities of adjustment to achieve the maximum personalization levels. 

Sedoff's creations are carefully tested, fully warrantee and designed to give each client the pleasure to seat in real "tailored seat".

Мультифункциональное кресло для учебных классов Sedoff Ala

Sedoff Ala

Мультифункциональное кресло для учебных классов

Складной стул Sedoff Tris-P

Sedoff Tris-P

Легкое складное кресло